What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Decorating Style

Every zodiac sign has its signature look and style, which is why it’s best to consult the stars for tips when you’re stumped about decorating your space. Finding the perfect colors, furniture, and vibe is hard. It can take a lot of time and patience to perfect the vibe of our dwellings. Even then, we may have many setbacks as we decorate our homes. Luckily, the stars can give us insight into what hues will maximize our energy and make us feel comfortable in our bedrooms and homes.


Aries love bold colors that speak to their tenacious and fiery side like red, royal blue, and bright pink. They’ll add modern and classic furniture styles together (a futon next to a sleek kitchen island), along with colors that don’t necessarily match because they look at value and comfort over all other needs. Basically, anything goes with them.


Being a decadent earth sign, Tauruses like to be in the closeness of lush plants, flowers, natural beauty, and fine fabrics . Therefore, it’s essential for them to have greenery in their rooms, as well as crystals on their shelves. Also, lush fabrics (like velvet or satin) in jewel tones are ideal additions to their beds or for getting cozy.


Although the mind of Gemini can get a bit cluttered with thought all the time, this airy sign likes clean spaces that allow them to think. White walls and shag carpets will set the tone for Gemini to center themselves. Accent pillows and art in vibrant colors will add to the eclectic vibe and intellectual side of the Mercurial sign.


Cancers are known to love their homes and to find solace in decorating their spaces. They like to coordinate the colors to perfect the tone and energy of their rooms. Their bedroom is their throne. Add cool floral prints for sheets, comfy and fluffy blankets with matching curtains in pastel colors, and photos of loved ones to accentuate their sentimentality.


Leos are known for their regal sentiments. After all, they are the rulers of the jungle. Faux fur throws in deep colors that blend with their tasteful and luxurious furniture (that has gold accents, of course) will brighten their rooms — as well as lovely photos hanging on the walls of themselves (both solo and with friends) in beautiful picture frames.


Virgos aren’t known like flashy decor or bright colors, which is why they’ll opt to keep their spaces simple with their sheets in basic colors and their furniture in light wood. The caveat to their no-fuss style is that they have extra things like statues or art that may not fit with their style and seem out of place.


Libras like to have sleek furniture that feels light and breezy. Think sophisticated glossy white counters and bed frames. Libras will opt for tender colored basics in versatile styles (light shades of pink and lavender for their bedding and carpets) to offset the funky mirrors, bright paintings, and modern pottery in their dwelling to maintain the balance of their room.


Scorpios are known for their deep nature, which is why they’ll opt for a rich color (like a dark peach or burned rose hue) to paint their walls. Never one to be matchy-matchy, they will choose a cool carpet and chic couch that highlights their lovely walls and transforms the energy of the room to keep the vibe on point.


Sagittariuses are travelers and philosophers of the zodiac. Therefore, we can expect to see postcards from far off places, with a mix of modern and vintage pieces, bookshelves that hold many different types of books, and art hung along the walls. Also, they’ll opt for colors like plum, dark blue, or black to accentuate their broad and inspiring decor style.


Classic furniture made of dark wood, classic leather club chair, and low-key lighting from vintage style lamps will set the mood for the Capricorn room. Also, simple primary colors with no prints for sheets (mostly in dark reds) that goes with their expensive art (from the most popular street artist or pop artist) is perfect for the sea-goat’s ageless style.


The water-bearer will pull out all the stops by adding a neon light with their own unique saying or motto hanging above their barren walls above the computer station (this innovative sign will have a place in their room for all of their technology). Aquarius prefers function, over anything m, so they’ll lay out their grey weighted blanket on their bed.


As the sea-dweller of the zodiac, Pisces will opt for light blue or green accents in their rooms (either on their walls, curtains, and in their sheets or comforters) to remind them of their underwater homes. A few seashells, starfish skeletons, or figurines on the bookshelves residing next to their collection of dreamy art will bring out their whimsical style.


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