How to make your home cooking Insta-worthy

Hobbies have become somewhat of a status symbol, allowing people the ability to flex some creative muscle and pick up new skills beyond their 9-5 gig.

Food photography is a popular choice, thanks to bloggers and influencers and the like, showcasing their Sunday morning brunch on Instagram.

Keen for a piece of the pie? Here’s how to get creative with food photography at home.

Pick the perfect plate

Use plates and surrounding props that are all similar in tone and colour to your background. You want the food to remain the hero and not draw attention away from it.

Feel free to play with texture too, bringing in your best ceramic dishes, homemade painted backdrops, or beloved wooden servers.

Lighting 101

Embrace natural light. It highlights the texture of food, and creates real and unique shadows which make the food look inviting and three dimensional.

To create beautiful contrast, try to shoot your dishes as close to your natural light source as possible (such as up against a window).


We eat with our eyes, so why not tell a story at the same time. You want to be able to set the scene and have your audience know what time of day it is (are you eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner?), what kind of meal is on the menu (is it fresh, deconstructed, or a little bit luxurious?), and what is the occasion (are you dining with friends, cooking a romantic meal, or packing the school lunches?).

All of the aforementioned can be brought to life via a little theatre; add a glass of wine and a candle to the frame, have multiple hands reaching for the grazing board to showcase the shared occasion, or scatter nuts and herbs because the meal is just that fresh.

Quality equipment

I know it’s quite an investment for beginners, but if you have fabulous tech to work with, it makes a world of difference when it comes to the final image.

Trust yourself to take a step up from the iPhone and find a compact, lightweight, camera that will have you feeling like a content creator from inside your very own kitchen.


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